asked May 04 '17 at 04:11 by SJames (41)

Hi there, I've downloaded the Demo version as I'm interested in trying it out. I tried to add my VST folder but it isn't picking up any of my VST's at all. Is this normal for Demo Mode? Wanted to find out before I invest because I'll need my VST's to work in this DAW!

I'm on Windows 10, trying to get it to find Native Instruments Komplete on a separate HD.

Any suggestions welcome, cheers :)

All of your VSTs should work in Demo mode. However, Bitwig may not find them by default. Just to be sure go to the Dashboard and set up all of your folders that contain your VSTs. To go to the Dashboard (opens when first running, or by clicking the Logo at the top (the upside down U)) go to the SETTINGS, and then click LOCATIONS on the left. Now look down to the second from the bottom "PLUG-IN LOCATIONS". Here you will 'ADD LOCATION' and point to all the folders that contain your VSTs. They can be all over the place if that's how you set them up and this will allow you to locate them all. Once you have added a location (e.g. C:\Documents\VSTs) there will be a symbol that looks like a circle (two arrows) that needs to be orange so it is actively monitoring that location. Give it some time to find them all, but they all should show up shortly, and yes even in Demo mode.


answered May 04 '17 at 06:05 by LifeHackMusic (21)

edited May 04 '17 at 06:06

Thank you, yes it was a folder mix up on my end, it's all working beautifully :)


answered May 10 '17 at 02:24 by SJames (41)

Awesome glad to hear it!


answered May 10 '17 at 05:17 by LifeHackMusic (21)

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