asked Nov 06 '14 at 14:43 by bacx (71)

Hallo guys,

I'm using Pc - Win 7 and testing out Bitwig BETA 1.1. I wanna find out how to do VST Multi - out on Pc Plattform with my Virus TI but there are no options to adjust Midi routing. I tried by using Hardware instrument but there is no way to route the Virus on another Midi channel. In a Fact the Virus doesn't receive a Midi signal on channle 2. Only on channle 1. There is a video on youtube how it works on MAC but I can't do the same things on Pc.

Have anybody an idea how it works?

Greets and thx ahead!


Hello guys again, three hours later I founed another video how it finally works ;)

  • from Brian Bollman, he is a really good guy and shows how the things working. It truly helps to understanding whats new in Bitwig and how these things working

the Solution is quit simple:

  1. creat a new Instrument Track
  2. drop down your plug in (Virus, or what ever...)
  3. creat a secend Instrument Track, select it
  4. go to Inspector in Arrange view, in the left lower corner
  5. clicking on Master and select plug in
  6. a pop up menue opens - select Virus

Yeah! It works...

"the luck is with the stupids" oder wie wir in Deutschland sagen... das Gl├╝ck ist mit den Dummen ;)


answered Nov 06 '14 at 18:27 by bacx (71)


Nice that you updated that you found an anwser!

  — (Nov 06 '14 at 19:19) ronnyrydgren

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