asked May 07 '17 at 06:18 by nanlo (43)

First, I'd like to say how thrilled with Bitwig I am, and I'm very impressed with everything so far.

Question: Is it possible to setup parellell note-fx devices in a device-chain group to send midi notes to a single instroment device?


A two layer group: Layer one: note-transpose (down two octaves) -> Arpegiator (setup to play given note on two octaves) Layer two: Multi-note: setup to play a triad -> note-transpose up an octave -> arpegiator.

In my tests this results in no sound being triggerd in the target instroment device (at the end of the chain; in the top level)

The only way to have this work, is to duplicate the instroment and place one at the end of each layer's chain. This becomes a problem as we get more layers, and use heavy instroments (such as VST's like Kontakt 5).

So, what am I missing (if anythin)?

Thanks all!

I just ran into this as well, I've asked another question here


answered Jul 30 '17 at 18:49 by mynameisjohnj (33)

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