asked May 17 '17 at 07:12 by Jez (11)

I have searched this board, KVM, Bitwig Docs and Google to no avail.

After exporting audio of a mastered and full volume project, the output WAV file is extremely quieter. I've used the Limter and different gain staging techniques to get the track volume -0.1 below clipping. After exporting it is quiet. I've also changed the default track level. On and on.

Please help. I am a Linux user and switched from Ableton. I have never had this problem with Ableton Live, Pro Tools or Logic.

I had a (more or less) similar issue.

My rendered WAV file was much slower than my original BPM.

After a reboot, the issue was gone. But still... something seems to be weird about audio exporting.

  — (May 18 '17 at 10:01) Derichs

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