asked May 18 '17 at 06:57 by kautzy77 (34)

Has anyone been able to get a KAT Multipad KTMP-1 to work with Bitwig? I cant seem to get it to register with generic midi control scripts. I've also tried chaining it through other midi controllers that bitwig does recognize.

For instance my korg padKontrol can recognize the KTMP-1, and bitwig will recognize the notes played directly on the padKontrol, but doesnt see any midi that is chained in from the KTMP-1.

Thanks if anyone has any ideas!

The KAT sends note on and note off with the same time stamp, therefore theoretically those notes have the length zero. Bitwig Studio does not support notes without any length yet, but we want to improve this in the future.


answered May 18 '17 at 11:27 by dom ♦♦ (2.1k)

Thanks for the quick response, Dom. Do you know if this is a common midi characteristic for drum pads, or a peculiarity of the KAT? Can Bitwig read midi data from Roland drum modules like the Octapad SPD-30, for instance?


answered May 19 '17 at 05:01 by kautzy77 (34)

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