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Now that people are starting to create interesting presets/combinations with the native Bitwig devices, I think it would be vice to encourage the community to share their findings openly, as so many are already doing. (Instead of going the monetizing way, which by the very nature of Bitwig devices (read. presets, chains, ect) - open and easy to modify and distribute - isn’t really that viable anyways).

So, what if we had some sort of preset cloud, which could be for eg a github integration directly in the Bitwig browser (new tab such as “Community”) or hosted even by Bitwig (preset files itself are very light). And where every user would have his/her creator name. Does any DAW have anything like it?

What do you think guys?

Yes that would be great.

  — (May 20 at 23:44) amg56

Bitwig Preset Cloud

At the most simple level it could be something like this, with an option to download/remove a preset, in the way of the "favorites". Of course the creator name should be unique and locked somehow.


answered May 21 at 13:37 by mgaw (218)

Absolutely awesome idea! Please do this


answered May 20 at 13:52 by Gülkan (25)

Great idea. Sketchup's 3d warehouse would be a good analog from a non-music software - if anyone is working on a 3d model in sketchup, and they need to drop in some furniture for example, they can pull up the 3d warehouse and search and browse for what they need and then load it into the project as they are working.


answered May 21 at 06:19 by kautzy77 (14)

To resurrect an old thread: yes this would be great! I already heard something is planned, the audience is waiting... :)


answered Oct 30 at 20:54 by Taika-Kim (21)

That would be awesome!


answered Nov 07 at 18:46 by Dreambeatz-Music (11)

+1 The KVR repository is already full of amazing stuff, but such integration would be killer.


answered Nov 08 at 15:35 by opuswerk (11)

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