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Hi folks,

First off I am loving the new CV devices. I am running BitWig on Linux with a PreSonus 1818VSL Soundcard. I'm sending my ADAT connections to an Expert Sleepers ES-3. 8 CV outputs - that's heavenly! :)

One issue I am hitting though, as someone with a very small modular set up in the early stages of development. I'd like to send my gate signal in the HW CV Instrument not straight to my modular, but to another HW CV Out device instead. What I was hoping to do was set that device up as an ADSR and trigger it from the gate on the CV instrument. Is this possible at all? Is there a configuration I'm missing? With so many modulation options, it's seems like there should be a way to send a BitWig envelope to the modular and not need to trigger a modular envelope.

any help or advice greatly appreciated,


Hello Dan, do you mean to A) trigger an external hardware envelope, or B) software envelope inside Bitwig Studio?
If B) is what you're looking for, you can simply add an envelope modulator (e.g. ADSR) and a HW CV Out device to the HW CV Instrument. Then assign the ADSR-modulation to the HW CV Out, connect your HW CV Out to whatever hardware parameter you wish to control.
Now every time you feed a note into the HW CV Instrument the ADSR will be triggered, and control your hardware parameter.
I've attached a screenshot of how it could look. alt text


answered May 23 '17 at 10:23 by Bitwig_Support (1.1k)

That's perfect - yes it was B I was trying to achieve. Thanks for the explanation. I just couldn't seem to figure this out :)

By the way, I think you have a great sales opportunity here. Modular is really popular right now expensive to get into and by using Bitwig to generate all of my CV modulation sources (to start with) I've been able to get a small modular system set up for considerably less cash. Great work guys - Bitwig rocks!


  — (May 23 '17 at 13:38) danballance

Hi, how is your experience with the 1818vsl and bitwig? what latency do you get on audio? And what latency do you get on cv signals? Is it usable in live setup? I mean like tweaking knobs on a midi controller and get cv controlling vco freq, just to mention. Or processing audio from the modular with bitwig effects or vst plugins. I'm a BW2.1 linuxer too with hardware synths (kurzweil pc3k7, virus ti2, waldorf pulse 2 and blofeld, a modular) and I'm struggling to get all the things together... currently I use a behringer xr18 but it isn't dc coupled and no adat outs. Thanks for any info. Fabrizio


answered May 24 '17 at 00:57 by fsciarra62 (1.0k)


I am only in the early stages of getting my hardware kit sorted, but I think I am getting close to zero latency so far - at least I have not noticed any issues. So I have a small modular setup plus a Korg Minilogue and an Aturia Drumbrute. The Minilogue and Drumbrute I am triggering via midi. Everything seems to be in sync so far. All 3 hardware devices I am routing back in via the 1818VSL analogue ins and adding delay, reverb, compression, eq, amp distortion etc. I've not had to touch any latency settings (yet).

  — (May 24 '17 at 09:27) danballance

I should add a precautionary note though to say that so far I have only been using the modular to add abstract acid-type bleeps to a techno track. I've not started using the modular as a keyboard voice yet due to the issues I was having in the OP. I will try to report back here this weekend with more detail on that - but so far all of my bpm-synced LFOs etc seem to be in time with my drum machine. I don't have a midi controller, but any changes I make via the Bitwig hardware cv devices and modulation options seem to be close to realtime.

  — (May 24 '17 at 09:27) danballance

I'm very pleased with the 1818VSL so far - it seems to be working with Linux extremely well. One note to mention is that the firmware my device arrived with did not support USB3 very well and I was initially having a lot of horrible distortion and latency issues. I upgraded the firmware via a windows laptop (unfortunately) and it now works very well.

  — (May 24 '17 at 09:27) danballance

Another point to note is that since 2/2.1 (I think?) I am no longer using Jack. Bitwig seems to detect the 1818VSL just fine and sees all of the audio ins and outs - analogue and ADAT. So I have dropped Jack and that makes configuration much easier. It all "just works". I'm astonished at how painless this has been for Linux :)

I will try some tight tests with notes on my modular and see what the latency is really like this weekend and report back here.


  — (May 24 '17 at 09:27) danballance

(the character limit on these comments is really annoying! Tying to share some knowledge here Bitwig mods. Can it be lifted?)

  — (May 24 '17 at 09:28) danballance

Dear DanBallance, thank you very much for your notes. Just to ask: I've read that 1818VSL has on-board processing capabilities. Can this be used on Linux and BW? Or are they available only via their proprietary software? On Behringer XR18 everything is accessible from iPad or Linux, via their application, and works really flawlessly... If only it had an ADAT output! Thanks again, Fabrizio


answered May 24 '17 at 11:25 by fsciarra62 (1.0k)

Hi, you are correct. I cannot access any on board DSP on Linux or any proprietary software. All of the functionality I am accessing is purely because the 1818VSL is a class compliant USB device and follows the specification properly. So what I am currently using is 8 ADAT outs to send to Expert Sleepers ES-3 and then 8 mono, analogue audio ins. All DSP processing I am doing in Bitwig - processing the audio ins.

  — (May 24 '17 at 11:41) danballance

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