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Hi there.

I do beats but find it difficult to create bassline sounds. Somebody got some info on how to shape it? Perhaps with Serum or some other soft synth? Or by sample to play it in the sampler?

Thanks in advance!

Depends on your taste. You should learn how to use synths if your question is about sound design since it will give more control - If your taste is traditional, then maybe try to work with samplers (mpcs are part of the foundation, right? they also had a sort of bitcrushing effect that made things lofi and dirty) - and then the sound design is about your ear and your source material. You could also take a few songs from different producers that you like and try to figure out what their approach is - sampling or synths. Everyone has been kind of bored with sampling and spending more time with synths for the past couple of years...plenty of people work with presets from the famous synths - which is kind of boring, but quick - more interesting to make your own with whatever your tools are. Synths like Massive, serum, sylenth, omnisphere, etc all have a following, so if you already have one of those, check out youtube tutorials and go deep with whichever one you have - if you dont already have one, then you should work with what you already have rather than spending your way out of the problem.

Bitwig's synths are pretty cool, I've attached links to two youtube tutorials on the the Polysynth and FM-synth that helped me wrap my head around shaping sounds intentionally and understand the controls. Ive been making brass sounds with the FM synth in bitwig that I've been using for bass lines (kind of like dirty tubas sounds) which have sold me on Bitwigs FM synth.

Bitwig Polysynth Tutorial Bitwig FM-Synth

DJ Premier on the subject - he apparently uses samples and then plays along verbatim with synth subs to make things hit really hard

Bitwig Sidechaining tutorial

This isnt sound design, but it helps me to listen to bass players talk about how they pick the notes they play...especially in other types of music that i dont play Harmony / note choice for bass lines


answered May 21 '17 at 06:02 by kautzy77 (34)

That's an enormous topic since there are so many possibilities. For starters, it's very important to know the genre you are going after. If you are doing EDM, subgenres can get very specific about which sounds immediately raise the correct association. In uplifting trance, many producers took the approach of layering bass sounds from synthesizers, particularly Sylenth1 and Spire. Mixing layered bass takes a while to get right, but there are tutorials on youtube that show you how to do it. Conversely, in psy trance, it's often more important to get one solid sounding bass sound. Some producers actually favor putting that sound into a sampler so that it's played out precisely the same throughout, as opposed to virtual or analog synths. Then there is the issue of getting the right patterns happening for your genre, which can require a fair bit of memorization.


answered Jul 08 '17 at 05:04 by amg56 (717)

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