asked Nov 12 '14 at 21:49 by The_One (16)

Dear sir/madam,

I just bought Bitwig this weekend. Today is my second encounter wit it and i have a problem. I can't seem to load any instrument anymore and I don't know why. When i try to drag an instrument to the arrange vieuw it wil the blocked sign. It seemed to work just fine last saturday. For instance when I right click on the Drum Machine i get the error message saying: File not found: C Progrgamfiles(x86)Bitwig Studio Library Device drum machine.bdwevice... Do you guys know what to do? I'v already tryed closing the program and strating it up again, but no result.

Looking forward to hear from you soon!

Kind regards,


It was a bug and it has been fixed! The fix will be part of the 1.1 update, coming real soon!

Many thanks for reporting!


answered Nov 14 '14 at 13:30 by fredrik (186)

Bug!!!! Add instrument track first then drop plugin


answered Nov 12 '14 at 21:51 by chriseastwood (10)

It sounds as there could be something wrong with your installation. I would try completely uninstalling Bitwig Studio then installing it again. Just to make sure all files and shortcuts are correct. I hope that helps. If not write an update here or get in touch with support:


answered Nov 12 '14 at 21:56 by fredrik (186)

Hmmm, that doesn't seem to be the solution. Still blocked...


answered Nov 12 '14 at 22:02 by The_One (16)

@ Fredrik: Thought of that option too, was hoping for a quicker fix. But let's give it a tryQ Thanks

@ Cris: Thanks also fo you're reply!


answered Nov 12 '14 at 22:05 by The_One (16)

So guys, iIve uninstalled the program and installed it again. This seemed to be the solution so I took off. But now, like an hour later after I saved a track the same problem popped up. Can't load any instument or whatever into the track anymore and in the browser section behind the bitwig icon the text "Not Present" has shown up... This is in my current track, buut also when i try to start up a new project. Closing the program, just like yesterday doesn't seem to have any affect...

Is there anybody who knows what's going on and how I can solve this very annoying problem. Like to get on with it and see what Bitwig is al about....! :-)

Thanks upfront guys!


answered Nov 13 '14 at 23:00 by The_One (16)

I would like to add to this that this problem seems to occure everytime I save a project... Uhmmm... yeah....

Please help me out guys!


answered Nov 13 '14 at 23:33 by The_One (16)

Still testing and what i see is that when i open a new project i can drag instruments and such into the mixsection, but after i save it i can only load/add instruments by creating an instrument track and then double click on a instrument in the browser section... Is this normal and are the last few questions unnecessary?

In that case i'm sorry... Please let me know.


answered Nov 13 '14 at 23:41 by The_One (16)

Sweet!!! Thanks for the reply! Will wait for the update!



answered Nov 14 '14 at 13:46 by The_One (16)

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