asked May 24 '17 at 00:45 by tomodache (41)


Hey! I was reading the article at "" and read "a little bit down the road, our internal development tool for programming Bitwig Devices will be available to anyone" and "programming languages are coming".

Is this still happening? Was this directed towards the API for controller integration only?

I'd love the option to do things like create some conditionals (based on BPM, Note played compared to others, etc) to turn knobs and tap buttons with some API, scripting language, or ... well anything, really.

Thanks for your time!

I'm going to second this. The more open the API is the more you set yourself apart from the competition in a way they will never be able to match. Another thing I would love to see is a Python 3 binding. With that, we can start to explore using Google's Tensorflow/Magenta project. Check it out at: The possibilities are endless...


answered Jul 09 '17 at 15:28 by artieTwelve (31)


I'm unable to answer this question but wanted to add my voice to this question. I would really love a way to interface with Bitwig in code. I'm thinking maybe scripts that can be run as modulators, that kind of thing would be awesome. Is there any chance? Is it seriously on your road map? I'm a software developer by profession, although not in the music sector, but I'd be willing to invest some time into this, if anything was exposed for us to work with. I'm assuming anything we built could then be shared with the community to install - so you'd be growing your ecosystem. The development time your end would pay for itself after a while I'm sure.



answered Jun 19 '17 at 23:11 by danballance (95)

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I've not seen Magenta before - thanks for the heads up - looks really interesting. And yes, some way to hook Bitwig up to various external projects would really be a game changer. The possibilities truly would be endless.


answered Jul 09 '17 at 20:44 by danballance (95)

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