asked May 24 '17 at 17:46 by Troy (21)

Is it possible to ask for the step length Max to be lengthened to 8 or even 16 bars.

We can use the Arpeggiator to get the bottom note from a chord by muting all step except the first with pattern set to Ascending order. Like this it plays just the bottom note which can then be fed to a bass arp on another track. The problem is the longest length for the Step is 1 bar. I do the same in Cthulu because it can have a step length of 16 bars. I would like to do this in Bitwig.
It might be nice to have a device which just gives the lowest note being played, but the above request is a workaround for this feature.

Thanks for posting this Question Troy!

Troy did a fantastic job of describing what he means, but if some of you don't know what he means, I made a video illustrating the technique that Troy is talking about in Bitwig, using the Arpeggiator as it is now:

Thanks Troy!


answered May 25 '17 at 00:31 by alexvan (161)

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