asked May 25 '17 at 00:01 by rondixsyscom (11)

Windows 10 Creative Update Dell XPS Laptop I7 16 g of memory 1t ssd Bitwig 2.1 Ableton 9.71 64bit

Bitwig seems to have some peculiar sound engine problems on windows and from what I can tell on osx in regards to drops, crackles and pops. Load one track in a project and add a heavy synth say from kontakt using the asio4all audio driver. I have to get above 1024 on buffers to get them under control. Same synth and preset on Ableton and I can live down in the 512 range.

I am not seeing any control over buffers sizes within bitwig for the WASAPI driver but I get the same result with these noises in bitwig as I do with the ASIO4ALL at the default setting. There is no mackie mackie blackjack driver for windows 10. The focusrite 2.0 driver for my scarlet 8i6 interface just goes haywire, no idea why yet.

I have control with the mackie and the asio4all but I am concerned about a big project, two big of a buffer requirement and latency. I would just use ableton but I purchased bitwig to do MPE stuff with, Ableton sucks with that. (Rolli Keyboard)

Have you messed with the sample rate? - a higher sample rate takes more cpu - but should improve mattters. I've had best success with Focusrite drivers (on a 2i2) at 96000 khz with a buffer size of 512 to get into a playable latency (5.12 ms according to the bitwig dialog) without the drops, crackles and pops. This has given me a better performance than the Asio4All. I cant speak to the mackie interface.


answered Jun 04 '17 at 02:01 by kautzy77 (34)

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