asked May 25 '17 at 00:43 by bbarker3 (346)

Folks, I'm having trouble getting DrumBrute comfortable in Bitwig. I run an iMac i7, 32GB RAM, Sierra 10.12.5, Clarett 2Pre, BWS 2.1. First off, in Settings/Synchonization, I enabled Clock for Midi Out. Used the generic controller script and set to Drumbrute. In the Arranger window, I created a HW Instrument Track, selected DrumBrute and enabled Clock, and Stereo Output for Audio. This is a setting that works successfully for me with my MatrixBrute. On the DrumBrute, I set the Sync control to USB. When I attempt to play a pattern by hitting play in either BWS or the DrumBrute, the time cursor steps momentarily, the Drumbrute plays a single note and stops. If I hit play again, the time cursor steps another note and stops, etc. It will just continue this way. Every once in awhile, the pattern will latch and play, but it is very infrequent. I'm sensing some midi clock compatibility issue here, but have tried everything to resolve it. Changed midi cable, using powered hub etc.

If anyone can spot something I did wrong or incomplete would appreciate the help. Anyone else experiencing this?


Fortunately I figured this out - the error was in assigning a controller to the Drumbrute, and then also enabling clock in the Settings/Synchronization window. It simply doesn't need any of this! It actually doesn't even need a HW Instrument track assignment to activate the sequencer, although it does give you more control options. The MatrixBrute DOES benefit from a Controller assignment - there is no Matrixbrute script yet, so use the Generic Keyboard script. It also does not require any additional settings enabled in the Synchronization window. So keep it simple - my Drumbrute and Matrixbrute are now happily sequencing with my DAW!


answered May 25 '17 at 16:40 by bbarker3 (346)

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