asked May 25 '17 at 06:14 by Zechaone1 (171)

Since upgrading to 2.0 and now 2.1 the connection to my audio interface or any has been terrible. It drops, it lags, it stutters with buffer rate set at 256 and I'm using NI Komplete Audio 6 and before running at 192 was fine for several plugins and effects, I'm on windows 10, 2.6ghz i7 Quad 16gb ram, ssd etc; and the performance is terrible. Half the time I can't get more than 2 or 3 tracks and it will drop audio and not return, or drop my midi controllers! Launchpad mk 2, quneo, and qunexus. I've tried it with wifi off and no antivirus on, turned off background tasks, no difference hardly... it is still glitchy AF! Please do something about this! I've checked my drivers and I haven't recently changed anything in settings, Everything on my end seems to be working as good as it always has so I'm at a loss...

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Asked: May 25 '17 at 06:14

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