asked May 29 '17 at 13:19 by genisvg (11)

The polysynth is a great tool and I use it a lot. Is it possible to change Polysynth presets/patches using only a MIDI controller (I have a novation impulse)? In this way I could have multiple polysynth instruments on a single track and avoid having many tracks in one file. If not, I think this would be a very useful feature.


This depends on whether this is implemented or not in script controller you use with your Novation Impulse. Which script do you use? Is it default one which Bitwig provides for Impulse 25 or did you download it from somewhere?

By the way may I ask why would you avoid multiple tracks in project?;)


answered Jun 01 '17 at 15:25 by pplcanfly (31)

I trĂ­ed the one that comes with Bitwig and the one from powerTM in GitHub. I was thinking maybe it's possible to add a shortcut to do this. The reason why I want to avoid multiple tracks is that I have two midi controllers at the same time. It I switch from one track to another with one controller, then it will automatically switch off the track from the other controller as well. That's why I thought it might be an option to change the polysynth preset and not the track =)

  — (Jun 03 '17 at 23:25) genisvg

I've checked code of those scripts and the one which comes with Bitwig doesn't have any support for presets at all. PowerTM's script can only show preset name on Impulse when it was changed in Bitwig. Recently I started working on a Impulse script which uses new Java API ( but I haven't chance yet to take a closer look at preset browsing capabilities. I'll try to keep that in mind:)

  — (Jun 14 '17 at 21:14) pplcanfly

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