asked May 29 '17 at 23:41 by BlackHoleNFO (298)

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if i had a Track with audio clips inside, in a sved project, and then delete all the clips, because will work from beginning with the same audiofiles/ same project, how i find my audio files then? do i need to search the files...rly?

dont want to "save as" new version.

Do a "collect and save", and then bring the files in again from the same project's samples subdirectory to make the new clips. At least, if I am interpreting what you are saying correctly.


answered May 30 '17 at 01:03 by amg56 (717)

seems that not work after delete the clips and then "save and collect"...under files -> "recent projects" are only this "icons with a arrow" but no this maybe works only when samples are in the tracks...

  — (May 30 '17 at 19:04) BlackHoleNFO

Yes the app can only collect clips that are currently referenced. You would have to collect, then delete the clips and start over laying out the audio again. I see what your main intent was in your opening post now. If you deleted, saved and reopened you obliterated all clip references.

  — (May 30 '17 at 21:27) amg56

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