asked Jun 02 '17 at 03:16 by kautzy77 (24)

I have two mono inputs that are coming into Bitwig from my interface as a single stereo track (with one input on left and one on the right). Is there a simple way to mute just the right or just the left channels? From there the Dual-Pan or the Tool width would get me back to a mono track for each channel.

Previous answers seemed to suggest that the mid-side splitter can somehow be used, but I'm having trouble figuring this out. I've had an easier time of this kind of operation in previous DAW's, but I'm maybe overlooking what the simple way to achieve this would be in Bitwig.

Does anyone know a simple technique?

Bitwig also supports Mono-Inputs, so I'd suggest to use them. To do so, open the settings (Ctrl-"," or Cmd-"," on the Mac), goto "Audio" and click "Add Mono" two times in the "Input Buses" section. Then you need to assign the Inputs to the channels in the above matrix by checking the boxes.

You can also name your channels in the overview for better identification (e.g.: "Microphone", "Mono Synth" or whatever goes in there).

After that, it's possible to select your newly created channels directly as single inputs on Audio-Tracks in the Mixer View (above the faders, but make sure that the I/O section is activated -> clicking on the tiny button to the right of the mixer with the two arrows on it). This would be suited best for a microphone, but if it's an instrument/effect, you can also create a "HW Instrument" / "HW FX" on the respective Midi/Effect Track and select your mono input channels in the Device view.

Generally, this should get you to where you want - and I consider it best practice to have a separate channel (which can be muted/processed/recorded separately) for each monaural input.

I would have loved to provide screenshots, but I don't have enough karma. :(


answered Jun 03 '17 at 10:45 by mux (65)

Fantastic! You're the best.

  — (Jun 04 '17 at 01:30) kautzy77

To put it another way I\is it possible to mute just the left channel or just the right channel?



answered Jun 03 '17 at 06:54 by kautzy77 (24)

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