asked Jun 04 '17 at 23:02 by jub (11)

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The last days I've been working on a new track and when I wanted to listen again to my work yesterday, my project didn't open anymore. There is just a window pop-up with the header: "Could not open project" followed by: " Invalid document: Auxiliary device grid contains more than one device (Classic LFO 1 and LFO 1) in the cell 0,1"

It would really be a huge bummer, if I can't get this project to load again. Especially after all the time and work I put into it.

Hopefully anyone can help me out. I already tried to take a look at the .bwproject file but I don't really get it how all the information are stored in that file.

Many thanks in advance!

Please get in contact with the support team regarding your issue!


answered Jun 06 '17 at 11:46 by dom ♦♦ (2.1k)

I did that before I wrote this Question ;) I was just hoping someone else might give me some insight into this problem.

  — (Jun 06 '17 at 12:29) jub

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