asked Jun 05 '17 at 06:11 by Tpokhrel (11)

Do I own Bigwig ? Coz recently I purchased 2.1 for 399.99 ! I'm wondering if it is mine after the full payment?

Yes, it is yours! More information can be found here:


answered Jun 06 '17 at 11:45 by dom ♦♦ (2.0k)

Hello, Can I test BWS latest (new) version before purchasing "12-month upgrade plan"? If "Yes", could you guide me how-to install it safely, exist together with older version? Thanks.

  — (May 04 at 00:35) TAUL

Hi TAUL...

I have more experience in Linux, but for what I know it works the same on all platforms.

I would just upgrade downloading and installing the two days fresh 2.5.1 package, try it, 99% surely you WILL pay the upgrade and keep the 12 months upgrades, holding your breath for 3.0 The Grid coming shortly...

In the (rare) case you don't, downgrade installing the old version package or use the one you have already installed. You can find all the versions in the Release Archive, under the Download tab in

If you do not delete your projects, nothing can really go wrong, in my opinion. So, I suggest, in any case, to backup your Projects directory, just to be sure.

It is always a good thing to do, from time to time.

Bitwig has different activation files so when you get back to your old version it just works. The worst case is that you have to enter the license number again and agree to the EULA.

Remember that, clearly, if you save a project with a newer version, you cannot open the same project with an earlier one.



answered May 05 at 03:05 by fsciarra62 (794)

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