asked Jun 12 '17 at 03:11 by amg56 (505)

I think we need Bitwig to report what plug it is currently loading during the project load phase. I have a couple of large projects that suddenly started crashing the audio engine. But so far I'm still trying to determine what plug is bugging it.

It would be really good to have, right in the UI, possibly as a subpanel of the Project panel, a running list of what track and plug it's trying to load.

If there is a human-readable log file on disk that I can look at currently, I'd gladly hear about it.

+1 for that. It's unimaginably slow to start debugging a crashing project by deactivating plugins one by one to see which one crashes BW. If there is 80 plugins for example, I need to restart BW around 80 times, each time takes around 30 seconds, and the project I have problems now is taking 1:15 to load. So I would be spending at least two hours on this to find the offending plugin. I hope somebody paid me to write all the bug reports I've been sending :D

Of course with some sense about what plugins are suspect this process goes a little faster, but stil...


answered Jun 21 '17 at 11:59 by Taika-Kim (31)

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