asked Nov 21 '14 at 11:15 by Civa (99)

This is actually two questions: 1. Is Bitwig Studio EUCON enabled, thus allowing it to interact with all Studio level EUCON equipment? 2. Such things as Pythagorean tuning would be nice. DAWS such as logic are able to do so. I have essentially made Bitwig my primary DAW, however logic is able to change it's global tuning, and though logic is using AU's, AU's are just VST's with an additional parameter to make them "apple only".

Bonus question - 3. This is more of a request - Can we get a hang drum .vst as part of bitwig's native instruments? Logic has them, and we all know that just a vst in a wrapper.

Hi. Bitwig does not support EUCON right now. It's possibly a future feature but certainly not for some time. You can get limited functionality out of EUCON devices using the MCU Pro script in Bitwig.

Logic uses a unified tuning system whereas Bitwig doesn't. However, you can route your controllers through a channel with a transposition map on it, which may be a bit closer to what you're after, or just copy the map over every channel so that it affects the sequenced MIDI too.

Lastly, Bitwig doesn't use VSTs - the devices are proprietary and created in Bitwig's own modular visual scripting system. They could possibly create a hang sampler, as they did with some of their current free stuff, but I consider it very unlikely that Bitwig will prioritise hang over, say, a decent piano, guitar or saxophone, all of which is lacking right now. It may be easier to make one yourself with some downloaded hang samples, which you can find for free online.


answered Nov 22 '14 at 14:11 by raviolifaceman (141)

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You are correct about the devices and vst's. I meant instruments, but that still seems valid. If you know of a free online vst or samples for hang drums, please direct me to them, because I have looked EVERYWHERE. Disappointing that it has unified bpm (a standard), but not unified tuning (a standard in all other DAWS) I plan to obtain an AVID S3, the lack of EUCON is VERY disappointing. I'm mostly satisfied, EUCON is REALLY a must have for a professional DAW. And hang drums would be nice for the drum rack.

  — (Nov 23 '14 at 15:45) Civa

Although I am not disappointed at all, I would also love to see EUCON support in Bitwig in the future. I have owned a Euphonix (now Avid) Artist Control surface and loved to see its potential. Eventually I'd like to upgrade to an S6 but that will be later down the road. Till then however I'd love to invest into an S3 and see Bitwig be a good alternative to Pro Tools when it comes to those large consoles (just like EUCON that supports small to large workstations and scales with your usage).

  — (Nov 26 '14 at 15:36) norbert

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