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Hello Everyone!

I'm having a weird problem that I haven't been able to find mention of on the forums. About ten minutes after I create a project, every time I use the scroll bar, instead of letting me scroll all the way back to beat 1, it will only let me scroll to some other beat later in the project (for example, beat 9). This does not happen in brand new projects, but it does persist across saves with the same project, so in other words, once this happens to a project it never goes away. Ever.

The strange part is that the project will still play from beat 1, and when I play it and enable playhead follow the arranger will go back to beat 1, until I touch the scroll bar. I've also noticed that in the export dialog box, clicking the "arrangement" button doesn't select the whole project, but instead selects the time starting at wherever the scroll bar takes me back to.


If you can figure out how to cause the issue, you should inform the guys at Bitwig about it. First you could validate if it's just a time-based bug, leaving BWS open for 10 or so minutes. If the bug isn't appearing, it's probably some step that you're doing that triggers it to start happening. For example, do you have to have clips in the arranger, must you have zoomed in/out; what is the specific condition for encountering this bug? If you can pinpoint that and report it, that'd be useful seeing as two of you are having this issue, I'm sure others are too. I for one have not experienced this.

  — (Jul 28 '17 at 12:11) magickalmutagen

Note: when this happens, and you try to export audio, and click "Arrangement", it say that the project starts on "" (for me, I can't scroll back beyond beat 5), even if the loop section is from the beginning ( Somehow, Bitwig is registering a change to the beginning and end of arrangement, I don't know how.


answered Mar 03 '18 at 05:31 by Jengamon (33)

yup have the same exact issue,

i can only scroll back to bar 1 by grabbing the barmeasure at the top and zooming out and dragging to the left then.

once i am at bar 1 if i use the scrollbar at the bottom again it jumps directly back to the bar the scrollbar wouldnt scroll past



answered Jul 28 '17 at 11:15 by endonyx (11)

Same issue here.


answered Feb 13 '19 at 13:33 by oolongbrothers (11)

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