asked Nov 22 '14 at 01:39 by strzlee (11)

The FAQ says: "You can install Bitwig Studio on up to three machines at a time."

I have a Workstation running Windows & Linux, a MacBook Pro and a laptop with Windows & Linux. Is it possible to install Bitwig on all 5 systems with one license?

No, that isn't possible. If you email Bitwig you could possibly ask for a couple more seeing as the terms state "three machines", which you have; I have been granted an extra activation as I'm frequently reformatting my computer, and they can see that they're all on the same machine.


answered Nov 22 '14 at 13:59 by raviolifaceman (141)

Annoyingly the nature of this wasn't made explicitly clear on the website prior to purchase. I didn't know I was buying into a decision headache regarding licensing. I bought into bitwig because of their Linux support. However the three machine limit means the majority of my machines can't have bitwig on them, so I'll have to stick with Renoise for most of what I do. I have posted a question elsewhere listing my setup, and how I have dual boot workstations, some of which I may need to leave running in the other OS for a while. I would like to have music software that just works on the machine I am currently using, whichever machine that is, and machine quotas can be a nightmare if enforced algorithmically. I am happy to explain use cases whereby I may need a particular one of these machines (audio interface latency means firewire is nice, MOTU's attitude to Linux means my Ultralite forces me to boot back into Windows, as does my collection of VSTs, latency issues mean I am often better booting into Linux for non-critical stuff and using my Yamaha MX49 via USB to get better output latency when playing live, subject to the software working under Linux, like Pianoteq...) What frustrates me is that issues of ownership and rights which have no place in the world of computation and mathematics are being shoehorned in for naive business reasons. My worry for bitwig is that it's acceptance on the Linux platform may be hammered by this since many people disillusioned with the world of arbitrarily licensed software tend to flee to Linux. For me Renoise and Alchemy(RIP) are good examples of how to do the licensing properly: use cryptographic techniques to sign a download with your id, so that the license id is hardwire into the download. Then treat using a copy not licensed to you as piracy. That I have one remaining activation of my three and no good way to decide which machine should get it means that most likely I will leave it unused, and that means bitwig will not get used the way I hoped to use it, for reasons that have nothing to do with the quality of the software. Please please fix the license.


answered Mar 27 '15 at 13:17 by Chalisque (11)

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