asked Jun 28 at 08:03 by phonymacaw (141)

I'd really appreciate a simple project versioning feature: when this option is turned on, instead of overwriting the existing project file of the same name, Bitwig would move the existing project file to an incremented file name, saving a handful of previous versions, however many the user specifies. In Logic and Qtractor, this feature has been a total lifesaver.

Just now, I had a scenario where this would have helped:

  1. My computer ran out of power and shut down while a project was open.
  2. Bitwig autosaved the open project.
  3. When I re-opened Bitwig, I restored the crashed version, but didn't save it, so it had a little asterix by it.
  4. I manually opened the same project, so that now two nearly identical versions of the project were open at the same time; the auto-saved version and the manually saved version.
  5. I put in 40 minutes of work in on the manually saved version.
  6. I resaved the manually saved version with this new work.
  7. I quit Bitwig. It prompted me that there were unsaved projects (the autosaved version of the project I'd just been working on). Without thinking, I hit "save", destroying 40 minutues of work with a stupid mistake.

If Bitwig had a simple automatic versioning tool for projects, I'd certainly enable it by default. Project files hardly take up any space compared to audio source files, and in my mind the added benefit is enormous. Maybe you have more nuanced version control planned... but simple versioning is still a really useful feature and I'd love to see it in Bitwig.

I'd go futher in this idea and suggest BitWig adds "clip versioning". I have never seen this in a DAW and it could be revolutionary.

First, you would allow to add unique identifiers to clips, so we could indeed support "ghost clips" properly, then, I could create a new clip "version", and even modulate the version. I drool over the possibilities that this could bring to the workflow.


answered Jun 29 at 16:26 by ejgallego (76)

Yup +1 for versioning, also I think currently "undo" behaves sometimes weird, as in not undoing always. FYI, I'm currently using Hazel ( for automaticly backing up the project file everytime I save it.


answered Jul 03 at 21:04 by mgaw (228)

yeah definitely. bitwig needs file version history.


answered Sep 02 at 06:36 by josephdbae (21)

+1 ejgallego I upvote, amazing idea!


answered Sep 03 at 23:20 by adtone (11)

edited Sep 03 at 23:21

+1 for versioning.

Really don't get why when programmers use this kind of feature extensively while developping, they don't think of implementing it in their software.


answered Oct 04 at 17:20 by opuswerk (11)

Yes, this need to be added. Maybe you wanna upvote my "increment & save" request as well:


answered Oct 15 at 12:33 by CmdRobot (81)

When software doesn't offer versioning of its own (and sometimes when it does) I use Git for versioning.

It's an okay (if not pretty) solution for developers who use version control software all day.

Not good at all for anyone else.


answered Oct 16 at 01:08 by dhemery (21)

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