asked Jul 01 '17 at 18:21 by Silvrbak (11)

Hi Guys,

Is anyone else having this issue? When i have an instance of maschine loaded in a bitwig project, and i create patterns and groups and so on in the maschine plugin, all is lost/reset when i save the bitwig project. The only way to save the settings, patterns, etc running in maschine, is to save the maschine project manually, prior to saving the bitwig overall project. This also happens when deactivating a projects audio engine, opening another tabbed project, and then going back to the original project and activating the audio engine again.

This is extremely frustrating as i have lost all my drum work in maschine multiple times when saving only the bitwig project (as sometimes i forget i have to manually save the maschine project in maschine first). It appears bitwig does not accurately save the maschine plugin state or something like that. This happens in both Bitwig v1.x and v2.x, and with Maschine 2.x+ plugin.

Also, this issue does not happen in Ableton. I do not have to manually save the maschine project prior to saving the overall ableton project. The maschine settings are autosaved in the ableton project file. NOT SAYING ABLETON IS BETTER, AS I'M AN AVID BITWIG SUPPORTER. JUST SAYING THIS ISSUE DOES NOT HAPPEN IN LIVE :)

Anyone at bitwig or in the community have a solution or explanation for this issue? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance.

This happens if you don't open the GUI of the VST plugin at all when using Maschine, so the workaround would be to just open the VST GUI once before saving the set.


answered Jul 03 '17 at 11:29 by dom ♦♦ (2.0k)

Hi Dom,

First of all, thank you for getting back to me so quickly!

I was not aware that this workaround applied, as I have the maschine plugin autoloading in my bitiwg template. I also use the maschine studio and jam controllers, and therefore do all the drum work from the hardware. It's not the ideal solution, but a great workaround to be aware of. I just have to get in the habit of opening the GUI at the beginning of each session.

Maybe this is something you guys could address in a future build, given the maschine Jam integration you guys did.

Thanks again for the help Dom,



answered Jul 06 '17 at 22:42 by Silvrbak (11)

It may have been mentioned that showing and hiding the plugin resolves this however there is a better work around.

If like my self you have a template which automatically loads with maschine inside it so you can just jump in and start exclusively using the hardware, its quite easy to forget that without opening and closing the plugin all of the work you have done on maschine will not save with when saving the bitwig project. I have lost some quite good drums numerous times by forgetting this.

The work around is to use a hot key automation program to perform a number of functions simultaneously in bitwig. Autohotkey is good for windows and key maestro is good for mac. might take a couple of hours to set up if you not used before but its better than losing a days worth of work on maschine.

This method requires maschine to always be in the same place inside a project. I leave it on channel 1.

In bitwig custom short cuts create a short cut that allows you to select channel one such as: ctrl + 1

Next create a short cut for "toggle device window". Use what ever you like.

Next you need to use a shortcut for "focus or toggle device panel" Bitwig already has the letter D assigned for this. I just used this.

Now you need to create a script using either autohotkey or key maestro or a simillar program that triggers all of these things in a particular order when you press the shortcut cntrl + S or CMD + S on mac.

So the idea is when you use the short cut to save a project, before doing so the short cut triggers select channel 1, focus or toggle device pannel, toggle device window and then save, thus automatically showing and hiding maschine for you as part of the saving proccess and creating a safe guard so you dont forget and lose your work like me.

This will work in both autohotkey and key maestro but it needs to be in this order. There is a little bit of repetition as the short cuts do slightly different things depending on which panels are visible in Bitwig. So create a script that performs these actions in this particular order.

Pressing command S (mac) or cntrl S (windows) will send a sequence of key strokes in this order.

Select channel 1

Focus or toggle device panel

Toggle device window

Toggle device window

Focus or toggle device panel

Toggle device window

Toggle device window


This ensures maschine is quickly opened and closed when using the command or control S shortcut to save.




answered Mar 05 '18 at 22:27 by richielg (11)

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