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Win7 Focusrite Scarlett external audiocard 18i6 ASIO

If i mix a track in BW and export the Master as 32bit-float WAV or 24 bit-integer WAV, then it listen so quiet in VLC (vol. 100%) and Audacity (looks maximized in visuals and loudness on 100%).

I´m not sure, maybe the Audiodriver is in use, because Bitwig is open. OR maybe some Effect go into the "sleep mode" (halfmoon) but not sure. Also, if open the Track in Audacity i can see Peaks on my drums, but in BW is all compressed well, also i use a Peak-Limiter in the End of the Masterchain. It sounds good and Loud in BW without crackle or over-gained.

What is the problem?

Are you listening it in the same way, i.e. using the same headphones or speakers? Are you sure Windows outputs the sound from VLC or Audacity to those headphones / speakers through the same driver (close Bitwig or at least disable sound engine to free it). Are there any EQ or 'improvements' enabled in Windows (like Dolby, loudness correction, etc.).

I don't think it matters at what rate you export or what effects you have in your project, unless you're not exporting your final master channel? Do you export stems (separate channels) and then mix it in Audacity? If so, obviously and plugins you've put at your Master in Bitwig (compressor, limiter, etc.) won't be exported and won't affect the sound.


answered Jul 07 '17 at 10:16 by antic604 (673)

  1. yes same headphones
  2. not sure but i think yes, but not sure
  3. will try to free the driver
  4. no xtra changes in audio in win
  5. i export all separatly and the master also with like comp and limit, and all listen a bit quiter in external sounds if bitwig running (point 3)



answered Jul 08 '17 at 08:45 by BlackHoleNFO (298)

Well, if you export tracks separately but on Master you have a comp & limiter, then this is probably why it sounds quieter - in Master all your tracks are added together, which triggers the comp & limiter in a different way (more aggressively?) than it would be with just one track.

Also, have you tried already with Bitwig closed, so that the audio driver is made free?


answered Jul 10 '17 at 10:02 by antic604 (673)

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