asked Jul 10 '17 at 06:22 by chrisfostertv (19)

2.1.1 on Win7

When grouping multiple effects tracks (to save space primarily) all the sends vanish from the instrument tracks.

How can I group effects tracks and have them still appear in single or grouped instrument tracks?

I do not think it is a bug. Look at my answer below.

  — (Apr 29 '19 at 00:47) fsciarra62

Sounds like a bug. Send a report to support.


answered Jul 10 '17 at 09:49 by antic604 (673)

I had this happen as well. Sending report.


answered Apr 28 '19 at 03:27 by jon9 (11)

Figured it out and submitted revised ticket. I was "in" a group, but the arrow to exit all tracks reproducibly does not work. Going up via the drop down to the "ungrouped" main track works. When I do this, my sends show again.


answered Apr 28 '19 at 18:54 by jon9 (11)


actually you cannot really group effect tracks. I mean, if you press CTRL+G they do not group.

What you can do is to HAVE effect tracks inside a group.

Then all the audio/midi tracks inside that group have the send pot for the group effects AND the global effect.

And the effect tracks inside the group have the output correctly routed to the group track.

Looks like it is not an error to me. I mean, what expected behavior should a grouped effect track have? Where is supposed to be routed as a group?

I would like to hear your opinions. Antic604? I respect a lot your opinion, read you in KVR.

I understand the purpose of saving space... But I believe groups have a stronger meaning in Bitwig than just saving space. Looks to me that grouping effect tracks breaks the paradigm.

Best regards,



answered Apr 29 '19 at 00:45 by fsciarra62 (1.0k)

edited Apr 29 '19 at 00:52

As clarified, for me, the error is that the "exit group" arrow does not work. See above. That caused my effect tracks to appear missing. I take your points about FX tracks generally though.


answered Apr 29 '19 at 01:53 by jon9 (11)

edited Apr 29 '19 at 01:56

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