asked Jul 11 '17 at 21:07 by reneeijzenga (30)

There is the setting on Bitwig to choose from 3 options where Bitwig should start with (Dashboard / New project / Last project). I've selected the Dashboard but every time is starts a new Project (with my own created and selected template).

I have changed this setting something else and back to Dashboard but it doesn't help. I cannot get Bitwig 2.1 to start with the Dashboard.

Anyone else who has this issue and/or knows how to fix it?

Same for me... Have not found a solution so far.

  — (Jul 12 '17 at 09:19) pakunoda

if you create your template but don't select it to use as new projects then bitwig opens in dashboard. it's quite illogical though.


answered Jul 18 '17 at 09:03 by Cat3rer (81)

I recall reporting this to support a couple months ago, so they're at least aware of the issue. The fix being soon is unlikely as there are much more critical bugs to attend to. At worst this is indeed a non-critical bug that leaves users confused as to the unexpected behaviour. In terms of UX, there's no good reason having a template selected for new projects should stop one from starting the program with the Dashboard open.


answered Jul 26 '17 at 16:26 by magickalmutagen (191)

I know this is a minor issue but it's definitely been a sloppy first impression for me.


answered Oct 28 '17 at 15:31 by mynameisjohnj (33)

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