asked Jul 13 '17 at 02:19 by odix (101)


Will bitwig ever have mirror clips, or ghost clips or alias clips.

What is the reasoning not to - is it some superiority thing ? There is NO QUESTION that it improves workflow for some people and it just a time saver - and is logical. If I change a pattern in the beginning of the song do I really have to go through my whole song and change it.

I understand you guys are different and maybe you think its cool to be different and not have them - but where is the logic in it ? I'd love a logical answer for NOT including them. Would be nice if you could just have a on/off feature where you could do that.

In my mind - I see no reason NOT to have it. You guys are vying to be different than Ableton yet look very alike -

Why not add this feature in house and be solidified as different for many reasons obviously - but this one would stand out and bring users in. I'd like to hear the arguement for not including them.

I desperately want them as well, because it's - as you say - huge time saver when you need it.

My theory? It's not there, because ...Live doesn't have it as well! They're the two odd DAWs out missing this fundamental feature. Which is even more ironic since they're the two DAWs based on session view and clips, for which it makes the most sense to implement it. If you're working in session / clip launcher, then you - say - have your drums looped on top of which you launch other parts: bass, synths, vocals, etc. If you change that drums clip, it will be different for the whole song the next time you perform it. Why not replicate that same thing for arrangement? I can't see a reason for them to not implement it, other than something technical because I can imagine tying of clips together should be implemented from the start.

In Live it can be actually achieved with 3rd party Max4Live device (, but no such workaround in Bitwig :(


answered Jul 13 '17 at 09:49 by antic604 (602)

edited Jul 13 '17 at 11:43

Its so odd, and I dont get the reasoning, especially if you could just turn it on or off as a system wide feature for people who do not want them.

  — (Feb 26 '18 at 10:32) odix

Would be awesome tho ! Once any repetitive electronic music artist coming from Ableton will have tried this, there will be no coming back possible !


answered Dec 08 '19 at 16:11 by polhalbert (21)

Agree! There's a lot of requests for this on Ableton's beta forums.

  — (Dec 08 '19 at 22:22) antic604

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