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Has anyone got an idea how to set up a looping station using Bitwig?

I want it to function the way guitar loop-stations work. Examples in functionality terms should be similar to Ed Sheeran's Chewie II but running through DAW. Another link example is this: LINK

Also, is it possible to execute following poitns?

  1. Flexible to switch for playback and arm for recording when ready
  2. Multichannel recording: (MIDI, Guitar, MIC, VST)
  3. Auto track lenght adjustment - 8 bars of one channel, 4 bars of next channel (4 bar channel will auto repeat under the 8 bar lenght)
  4. Arrangement control with laptop/midi (mute/solo/play/stop/record)
  5. Recording the overall mix from master bus channel (the whole process)

My setup:

  • DAW: Bitwig (1.3.16)
  • Interface: RME babyface
  • Input 1: Guitar
  • Input 2: MIC (optional)
  • USB 1: MIDI keys
  • USB 2 or Laptop keyboard: Arranger control (mute/solo/play/stop/record)

Thanks for the help! BR

Currently, the best solution is still the mobius VST :( Which does not behave on the current version of osX, beware.

Hopefully the bitwig gods will hear us and provide us with the controls and tools it will take to make bitwig a truly seamless recording environment/live workstation.


answered Dec 23 '17 at 11:41 by elbizri (21)

Is there no better solution build in Bitwig after three years? and, why isn't Mobius working properly? .. it makes me miss other daw solutions.


answered Feb 06 at 07:26 by perisan (21)

Hi, you can also try with Looprecorder on each track. It supports MIDI learn so you can control it with your second keyboard.


answered Feb 01 at 11:20 by drmq (11)

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