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Has anyone got an idea how to set up a looping station using Bitwig?

I want it to function the way guitar loop-stations work. Examples in functionality terms should be similar to Ed Sheeran's Chewie II but running through DAW. Another link example is this: LINK

Also, is it possible to execute following poitns?

  1. Flexible to switch for playback and arm for recording when ready
  2. Multichannel recording: (MIDI, Guitar, MIC, VST)
  3. Auto track lenght adjustment - 8 bars of one channel, 4 bars of next channel (4 bar channel will auto repeat under the 8 bar lenght)
  4. Arrangement control with laptop/midi (mute/solo/play/stop/record)
  5. Recording the overall mix from master bus channel (the whole process)

My setup:

  • DAW: Bitwig (1.3.16)
  • Interface: RME babyface
  • Input 1: Guitar
  • Input 2: MIC (optional)
  • USB 1: MIDI keys
  • USB 2 or Laptop keyboard: Arranger control (mute/solo/play/stop/record)

Thanks for the help! BR

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