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Hi! In FL i remember using a simple tool for velocity in the piano roll. U just selected all dots under velocity, right-clicked (hold+drag) so u could get them in a perfect line. I really miss this for workflow cause i usually dont want the dynamics for electronic music! I use a midi keyboard and dont want the velocity so this would make my life easier. Link below!

Pretty new to Bitwig. Can't believe this isn't possible! This is basic midi editing stuff !!


answered Jan 19 at 09:00 by justinc (41)

I just found another way around this.. just select all dots and drag the velocity all the way up and then down.. but it would still be easier if that was possible =)


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There are multiple ways to do it. The current quickest and most accurate way would be to select the notes you want, then drag up to 100% on the velocity number displayed in the inspector panel, release your click, then drag it back to where you want it set. This is better than dragging on the velocity expressions themselves as if you don't drag the lowest velocity, you can't set them all to 100% and you may get inconsistent sound depending on the current synth patch.

Another method would be:

  1. Make sure your synth is set to respond to velocities between 0 and 100% (0-127).
  2. Put a Note Velocity device before your synth in the device chain.
  3. Set all the Note Velocity's Y-knobs to 0% and add a Macro modulator that will control all three knobs at the same time.

With the above set-up, you can change the velocity of all the notes without even having to deal with the velocity expressions, and instead can automate the modulator if you want the velocity to change. Not ideal in terms of the automation not being directly linked to the note data in case you change their position in time, but if you're not needing much velocity manipulation, this could be reasonable.


answered Jul 26 '17 at 17:52 by magickalmutagen (191)



answered Jan 02 '19 at 22:42 by halphprice (36)

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