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Who finds it really frustrating when you're trying to input a precise integer value like 120 but the mouse only seems to want to stop on 119.8 or 120.2...? Because there are lots of param values that can't be set by typing with the keyboard. :(

Well I recently had a life changing moment when a friend showed me the full extent of holding down the shift key when doing things in Adobe programs (Illustrator, Photoshop etc). It was the same user issue but with a different medium. In most of the adobe programs (and non adobe things like sketch) holding the shift key while editing the position of an object or creating a new object snaps to a grid in some way, e.g. when you draw a line it snaps to only x and y axis so you can easily draw perpendicular angles etc...

Surely this could be really easily implemented in DAWs too - you define a global 'grid' or step size that applies to all continuous parameters, where holding down the shift key changes makes the parameter change in discrete steps rather than a continuous range. Integers would be a great place to start...

A little tweak that could make life so much better.


If you need even finer precision whilst adjusting values via the mouse, try holding right-click as well as Shift as you do so. You can of course just Ctrl-click the knob/fader and type in the value.


answered Jul 26 '17 at 16:39 by magickalmutagen (191)

Ok thank you - didn't know that!

  — (Jul 27 '17 at 19:01) A_W_B

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