asked Jul 25 at 14:23 by kkokosz (11)

I bought Bitwig 1. I read users of Bitwig 1 (registered after December 2016) can upgrade 1 to 2 for free. Is it true? I didn't find this option in my Bitwig panel.

It has been my case; I got the V2 licence as expected.


answered Jul 30 at 20:58 by pakunoda (908)

Do you mean, you have an upgrade option in the Bitwig panel near the Bitwig 1 serial number?

  — (Jul 30 at 21:03) kkokosz

Not an upgrade option but an activation key for v 2.x.

In fact I have all my keys listed; version 1 and version 2.

  — (Jul 30 at 21:08) pakunoda

So I have not second key (for 2.0 version) and I don't know why :(

  — (Jul 31 at 06:08) kkokosz

From the support message:

"We ran a time-limited promotion where every customer who purchased Bitwig Studio 1 would get the upgrade for free but that offer ended in March 2017."



answered Jul 31 at 12:54 by kkokosz (11)

Right, but when did you acquire your Bitwig 1 licence?

  — (Jul 31 at 15:25) pakunoda

Last week - the offer ended :(

  — (Jul 31 at 18:18) kkokosz

In other words, you only now bought v1 thinking you'd get v2 for free? LOL, that's so Polish (judging by your user name; I'm Polish as well)

You have to pay for the upgrade to v2.


answered Aug 06 at 01:44 by antic604 (139)


No, I bought Bitwig 1 because it's very good DAW and I tested it and liked it. So, I found the information about free upgrade and I wrote the question - is it wrong? Assigning bad intentions is so Polish... :(

  — (Aug 06 at 08:38) kkokosz

@kkokosz, you're right - sorry, that was uncalled for :)

  — (Aug 07 at 10:37) antic604

:) No problem - let's make music! :D

  — (Aug 07 at 10:41) kkokosz

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