asked Jul 28 '17 at 11:40 by endonyx (11)

Hi ,

Since 2.1.1 i am not able to install the available 2 updates . they download but once i start the installation i get a screen telling me that another installation is active and you first need to finish that one... this happends with both 2.1.2 and 2.1.3

well i thought lets deinstall bitwig through windows control panel and i get the same error.. i am not able to install an update nor am i able to uninstall bitwig through the proper way...

why is this happening and how can i fix this !?

Make sure there aren't any versions of BWS installed on the system, any betas, or those installed to default/custom locations (no need to delete the software's preferences). This way you will at least be at a blank slate. Now restart your computer (the conflicting active installation shouldn't have any effect after this). Download and run v2.1.3 and see if it can install. If not and assuming you're on Windows, you can try installing CCleaner (also available for Mac but these steps are for Windows) and performing "Run Cleaner" on the Cleaner tab to remove temporary files (you might want to run "Analyze" first, doubling-clicking the listed entries for more details to see exactly what's being removed if that concerns you), and then run the "Scan for Issues" followed by "Fix selected Issues..." options on the Registry tab (creating a backup to your desktop when it asks you if you'd like to). At this stage I'd restart and then run the BWS installer again, hopefully with success.


answered Jul 28 '17 at 12:10 by magickalmutagen (191)

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nope that is not it...


answered Jul 31 '17 at 00:47 by endonyx (11)

Have you tried installing/uninstalling other software?

  — (Jul 31 '17 at 01:03) magickalmutagen

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