asked Jul 28 '17 at 13:22 by Mathieu_Pe_Music (70)

Anyone gets the Apc key 25 to work properly in 2.1? Since Upgrade to BWS 2 i get this Error: everytime I touch any of the rotary knobs i get prompted: "Akai Apc25 did something wrong/ This can only be called during driver initialization". All the rest works fine. Only Rotary knobs.

I was using this one in BW 1.3 : I downloaded the latest reviewed version from 1.05.2017 which is supposed to adress the 2.0 issues.

It looks like I am not the only one:

Here the KVR Thread I created: No luck so far...

Please adress this issue.



If I'm not mistaken, isn't this the responsibility of the script creator to fix rather than Bitwig?

  — (Jul 28 '17 at 18:32) magickalmutagen

If you open the Studio I/O panel, you can click Show Control Script Console and then select the Apc25 from the list. You should post its output on the GitHub issue you've got open.

  — (Jul 28 '17 at 18:40) magickalmutagen

Yes of course the Script creator has been notified via Github already. But he does not react. Looks like he dropped it all together.

Here is the controller console log:

Called init() This can only be called during driver initialization rzc: This can only be called during driver initialization at SJE.DCe(SourceFile:267) at com.bitwig.flt.control_surface.proxy.ControlSurfaceObject.checkIsInitializingDriver(SourceFile:242) at com.bitwig.flt.control_surface.proxy.TrackProxy.getPrimaryDevice(SourceFile:796) at jdk.nashorn.internal.scripts.Script$Recompilation$115$23132AAA$APCKey25_control.onMidi(APCKey25.control.js:949) at com.bitwig.extension.callback.ShortMidiDataReceivedCallback$$NashornJavaAdapter.midiReceived(Unknown Source) at OUw.dY(SourceFile:197) at SJE.dY(SourceFile:713) at SJE.dY(SourceFile:43) at vkw.dY(SourceFile:640) at E3J.dY(SourceFile:95) at P2m.dY(SourceFile:49) at Kq.dY(SourceFile:33) at L1y.dY(SourceFile:914) at E3J.RNn(SourceFile:43) at SS.dY(SourceFile:209) at Q2.dY(SourceFile:246) at at

Called init()


answered Sep 03 '17 at 14:10 by Mathieu_Pe_Music (70)

Hey Mathieu,

I looked into this issue recently and made a fix. you can find my fork/version here:link text


answered Sep 22 '17 at 18:53 by bvuong (21)

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