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Hi All,

If I take a note effect (I've tried Note Velocity and Note Pitch Shifter) and route it to an instrument I can verify that it works fine. However if I take that single effect and put it in a group (just press ctrl+G) then the effect stops working altogether. This isn't due to the fact that it's a single effect in a group

I've verified that this doesn't happen with audio effects (I assume those effects are routed in parallel.) I'm trying to do some parallel note filter -> transpose stuff to make some generative music but this is a complete blocker. Am I doing something wrong? Or can Note FX simply not be grouped?

This was previously reported here



Also as an aside is there a way to get the arp to retrigger at an interval longer than one bar? Perhaps through some trickery? This would be a workaround for me.

Ctrl+G puts it in an Instrument Layer, not technically a group. The other type of "group" is an FX Layer. I would argue the most group-like is actually the Chain device. If you add your note effect into a Chain followed by your virtual instrument (regardless if it's part of the Chain device or after it), it'll work fine. Not entirely sure why it doesn't work for the other two devices, but I have a feeling a clue is in their name, they're separate "layers" and run in parallel to the device chain (a Chain device runs in serial). As for longer intervals on the Arpeggiator, you'll need to use the Steps modulator instead and decrease the rate.


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Hi, thanks for responding. I found the FX Layer container under audio effects - unfortunately it seems to suffer from the same problem (Note FX stop working when they're in the layer.) Is that true? Or am I missing something.

If I look at the container devices for Note FX I do see the chain device (as well as the Step Mod). Making a chain works for two serial Note FX, but if I put the chain in an FX (or instrument) layer then it stops working.

Is it just that Bitwig doesn't support parallel Note FX?

  — (Jul 30 '17 at 21:14) mynameisjohnj

Also the Step Mod Note FX Container device... seems to kill all Note FX. That can't be right, can it?

  — (Jul 30 '17 at 21:20) mynameisjohnj

I assume you're using BWS 2. Yes FX layers have the same issue. Read the three "14.1.2. Container Devices" sections from the user guide which will help to illuminate why it's happening. You need to move your instrument into one of the layers or use a chain. Really depends on what your goal is.

The Steps modulator is not the Step Mod. Modulators are accessed via any device's header small o-> icon (see "Modulator Devices" in the user guide). However I'm not sure what I was thinking, the Steps modulator / Step Mod won't help your situation. No idea how to make the arp go slower than 1/1.

  — (Jul 30 '17 at 21:46) magickalmutagen

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