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This is a request to implement some features that are helpful for very basic composition tasks. Many DAWs are strong on technical features and very light on support for actual composing. Therefore:

1) add a constrain to scale feature straight into the piano roll. I know there is a module that can constrain a MIDI note stream, but it's not a substitute for having a tool in the piano roll that visually shows which notes are in scale and which are not. User input should be limited to the scale, and then there should be some method to allow the user to override the scale during input, possibly with a modifier key combination. Studio One has this feature, and it takes up very little screen real estate. Users resort to the drum roll trick to do data entry all the time, even people that have a solid grounding in music theory, just because it speeds things up. So why not dispense with the trick and have a real solution.

2) Add a built-in notes feature at the project, track, and clip levels. This would help with keeping track of chord progressions and many other tasks. Right now the workaround is to use a notetaking VST from a third party, like Imageline or Melda.

When you say "user input should be limited", I hope you mean just the Pen tool / input via mouse. This would let you choose whether to limit the input of MIDI via controller by adding a Diatonic Transposer or not. I like the idea of a modifier key to temporary disable to restriction on Pen tool input. I also like this feature from Studio One 3, but BWS's Note Editor still beats Studio One's in terms of UX overall.

Something to aid with chord progressions would be nice too aside from simple note-taking for it. A dedicated way to pick some chords and play with their ordering could double as note-taking on chord progressions. I've heard people talk highly of Cubase's Chord Track, though I've never used it.


answered Jul 30 at 21:12 by magickalmutagen (171)

Yes, that's exactly what I mean. The piano roll would highlight the in-scale note lanes, and the mouse input adds to the nearest in-scale note, unless overridden with the modifier key.


answered Jul 30 at 22:34 by amg56 (465)

i highly second this idea, even renoise has such very very usefull functionality and i miss it a great deal in BWS


answered Jul 31 at 00:42 by endonyx (11)

All right, please vote it up. There is a long list of competing features that need work, while development resources are limited. If people don't show interest the devs are never going to pick it up.


answered Jul 31 at 01:09 by amg56 (465)

what how where ?!


answered Jul 31 at 01:46 by endonyx (11)

The two triangles (one pointing up and the other down) are used to up/down-vote questions and answers. Up-vote the original question if you agree with it.

  — (Jul 31 at 08:59) magickalmutagen

I definitely miss this feature every time I use Bitwig. It was really useful in Studio One.


answered Aug 28 at 07:55 by rodan (11)

edited Aug 28 at 07:56

I like the way this is done in Korg Gadget and Auxy on my phone—where it only displays the notes in a scale.


answered Oct 12 at 17:23 by zhiguli8 (31)

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