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This is a list of the plugs that don't work properly for me in Bitwig on Windows 10 64 bit. People can compare notes or add their own results.

Currently I'm running Bitwig 2.1.3. The plugins are VST2 64 bit unless noted otherwise. My normal setup uses Bitwig with the "Only as bit-bridge" setting.

  • FXpansion Strobe2: Freezes up the Bitwig transport in the UI when attempting to insert the VSTi, most of the time. I'm still able to save the project file, but the transport buttons won't start playback. The only way to recover is to kill the Bitwig process with the Task Manager.
  • UVI Relayer - Crashes the audio engine on insertion most of the time. The 32 bit VST2 works o.k. I have no issues with the 64 bit plugin in my other DAWs.
  • Vengeance Essential FX - Several of the plugins crash the audio engine on insertion. It seems like only the plugins that are tempo-dependent are affected, such as Trance Gate. Again, the 32 bit versions seem to work fine.
  • Imageline VST plugins - it seems like if many instances of Love Filter or Gross Beat are inserted, eventually the Bitwig UI seizes up, similar to the problem with Strobe2. The play button stops working, but you are still able to save the project, delete objects, etc. Basically, the audio engine does not crash, but it's sized up. I can't confirm this 100% because now I talking about large projects with many plugs, but if I go through the problem project and replace every instance of Love Filter and Gross Beat with Xfer LFOtool, then the project starts being o.k. again.

Some of these I reported to Bitwig Support, such as UVI Relayer. I tested with the audio engine set to individual plugin wrappers, and replicated the crashes. The answer from BW support was that there was an issue with the plugin. I'm not 100% convinced, because the general outlook from these problem plugs is that they all work fine in my other hosts. These plugs all have in common one thing, which is that they use host tempo, so maybe there is something amiss in that code.

I'm having the same problem with Strobe 2. Makes the entire program seize up like a taxidermied duck.


answered Feb 18 '18 at 05:53 by zerocrossing (51)

I've not experienced UVI Relayer 64-bit crashing on me. I don't own the others but I don't recall any of my plug-ins crashing upon insertion either. The issue might be specific to your system. In the meantime, you may want to set "Independent plug-in host process for" to "32-bit / 64-bit" so that the BWS's audio engine is a separate process to your 32-bit and 64-bit plug-in processes. But I assume your system has low resources as you've already set it to "Only as bit-bridge" (requires least resources). Setting it to "32-bit / 64-bit" would likely only increase the instability that you experience (due to the mode demanding more resources), but at least the audio engine would not be crashing if I understand it correctly. If it's not a resource issue, I prefer to use the "Each plug-in" mode. You can read the user guide section "VST Plug-in Handling and Options" for more details.


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My system has 8 physical CPUs actually. The reason why I run "only as bit-bridge" is to make sure that Vienna Ensemble Pro can work. Originally when I tried to run with independent wrappers, it turned out that that setting prevents the Vienna plugins from talking to each other. I'll try with running the split engine, that should work actually as long as I don't mix 32 and 64 bit Vienna plugs.

The issue with Relayer is not unique to my system. Originally I reported it on the Beta forum. and other people reported also seeing it.


answered Jul 31 '17 at 11:57 by amg56 (717)

I see, let us know if that improved things for you.

  — (Jul 31 '17 at 12:01) magickalmutagen

I also have a crashing Relayer. I use the "each plug-in" mode. Relayer 1.5 worked in 32-bit version but since I updated to 1.5.1 Bitwig only reports a 64-bit version and its crashing on insertion. I also experience a strange problem with Falcon - Bitwig don't "see" the vst in the default vst folder - I have to move it to another folder on my drive for Bitwig to see it. This also happened to Relayer after I updated it to 1.5.1. I use BW 2.1.3, OS X 10.10.5.


answered Aug 06 '17 at 14:33 by jrdrake (21)

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To get BWS to see the plug-in in its original folder, try moving it back there, then going to BWS's Settings > Plug-ins > Show errors found with plugins, then click Rescan All. If it still can't see it, try reinstalling it and performing the same steps.

  — (Aug 06 '17 at 14:49) magickalmutagen

Thank you! That did it! I also noticed now that Relayer works in new projects. Still not in some older ones so I don't know what is causing the crash but its ok for now.

  — (Aug 06 '17 at 15:50) jrdrake

bws 2.1.4 (and now 2.2) on win 7, using "each plugin" setting.

Relayer is working fine until I reopen a saved project. Then the plugin crashes. I discovered that if I wait a minute or two then click the button to reload the crashed plugin it works correctly (sometimes I need to do this 2 or 3 times). I have to do this every time I open a project with relayer - but I'm used to it so its not really a big deal.

Strobe 2 generally working ok - except for two big issues. Firstly if more than one instance of strobe in a project, when reopening the saved project all instances except one revert to the default settings. And the one that does not revert to default has the settings that were originally on a different instance. This makes it not practical to use more than one instance in a project. Secondly - and worse - if I have Strobe 2 and a HW Instrument in the same project, when I reopen the saved project my whole system freezes up and I have to reboot my computer. As as result I had to stop using Strobe 2 for most projects.


answered Oct 15 '17 at 12:45 by djx (315)

UVI Relayer 64-bit still crashing when inserted on instrument and audio tracks with BWS 2.2.2.


answered Dec 03 '17 at 17:09 by bbarker3 (376)

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