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I see we now have some new options for plugin management , not seen amy documentation to explain the differences but i gather its how BW processes the plugins from keeping the sandbox protection to running the plugins directly for better CPU performance.

Anyone clarify these new options

Indépendant plugin host for ...

  • Each Plugin - existing sanbox protection
  • 32/764bit not sure what this option does
  • only as a bit bridge - i think this is direct in Memory / CPU as i noticed that the load decreaced on this setting



Hello! You can always find information in the manual. I see this is a old question now. But if you haven't figured out i will actually copy and paste what the manual says about each 3 options are meaning and doing.

alt text

  • The three long buttons at the top of this tab are a toggle group that determines how plug-ins are handled. In the picture above, the 32-bit / 64-bit setting is currently enabled so all 32-bit plug-ins are run in one grouped process, and all 64-bit plug-ins are run in their own grouped process. If one plug-in crashes, the group it is in also crashes, but the audio engine will continue running. This option is a middle ground in terms of both CPU resources required and stability provided.

  • If the Only as bit-bridge option were selected for a 64-bit operating system, then 64-bit plug-ins are loaded within the audio engine, and any 32-bit plug-ins are loaded within their own single process. (Within a 32- bit operating system, only 32-bit plug-ins are available, and they would all be loaded within the audio engine.) This option requires the fewest CPU resources.

  • If the Each plug-in option were selected, each plug-in is loaded within its own process, isolating every plug-in and the audio engine so that any single crash won't affect the other ongoing processes. This option requires the maximum CPU resources while also providing maximum stability.

  • The list of plug-ins below allows you to select individual plug-ins that should be given their own process for operating, effectively overriding global setting above. This could be useful if you want one or two plugins to have access to additional memory, for example. The search box just above the list allows you to quickly find plug-ins from the list. If the global Each plug-in setting is selected above, then the selections in this plug-in list are ignored.


answered Dec 13 '14 at 21:38 by ronnyrydgren (1.2k)

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