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i was stunning, have mix up some samples in a 30 Minute Track and Gaining IN/OUT the End and Starts of Samples to fix Crackles and Transistions, also i used the fading between two samples for nice Ambient Sounds but,

  • then was consolidate and all is going damaged. The Gain Env are moved and some parts are 0 dB because some gain points...

Whats a better way...exporting, bouncing?

About pop & clicks when working with Audio events/ samples:

Bitwig 2.1.3: 1. Record guitar part, make some mistakes in that part. 2. Cut the mistakes out (by knife tool) in arranger window. 3. Delete unwanted part of the sample. 4. Move second part of sample together 5. Play. It will be popless. 6. Now select these two samples. Consolidate them into one. 7. You don't even have to bounce consolidated thing. Pop will be right between tracks. By default, or with or without "additional options" from Inspector pane.

In Bitwig 1.x: … 5. Play. Pop will be there between two samples. 6. Select two samples and click "fade in" + "fade outs" from Inspector pane. 7. Consolidate. 8. Flawless output

To workaround that thing under Bitwig2 - bounce in place each sample first. Then consolidate and bounce all together. Should be popless also under Bitwig2


answered Aug 09 '17 at 18:16 by Dettlaff (31)

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But Fadings need to export because fadings can´t consolidate...right?


answered Aug 11 '17 at 00:45 by BlackHoleNFO (228)

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I can confirm that this problem is still happening with the latest bitwig and that it is really frustrating when trying to do sound design. I would love to be able to consolidate after getting my fades all worked out. its crazy that it doesn't just work.


answered Nov 17 '18 at 02:08 by xinniw (11)

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