asked Aug 11 '17 at 11:11 by cbfishes (71)

I'm trying to create a device preset that gives me remote control / macro access to all 127 MIDI ccs. Basically I want to be able to page through different remote control pages and manipulate MIDI ccs on external MIDI hardware.

Here's what I've been trying to build:

  • A device/chain that can send MIDI CCs 1-127
  • A remote control page for each set of 8 midi ccs (i.e. page 1 would be cc 1-8, page 2 would be 9-16, etc)
  • The ability to add modulators to these CCs

It's easy to add a Bitwig MIDI CC device and assign CCs 1-8 for example, then modulate them, but each device can only access 8 MIDI ccs. I can add multiple MIDI CC devices and switch from device to device to access the knobs from my MIDI controller, but I'd prefer to have everything in one device.

What I want is one device that can simultaneously send any/all MIDI CCs. I'm trying to create this for use with external MIDI hardware presets, i.e. make a Volca Keys preset that accesses let's say 23 MIDI CCs and sends it to a Bitwig hardware instrument device.

Does that make sense? Is this possible?

you know what, after a bit more tweaking I figured it out. My problem was I was trying to create DEVICE remote controls when I should have been creating PRESET remote controls.

My Instrument Layer for my Volca Keys looks like this:

Instrument Layer { [midi cc] [midi cc] [midi cc] [hardware instrument] }

Each [midi cc] device is configured to send 8 different ccs. Then I map preset remote control pages to control those ccs (and name them according to what they do, i.e. "filter fq"). This works great! I also created devices for Animoog and Korg Gadget's Chiang Mai FM synth.

Hopefully this can be helpful to others!


answered Aug 11 '17 at 14:33 by cbfishes (71)

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