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Context: The modulator 'Steps' attribute Trigger='Note' will cause a reset to the beginning of the pattern with every note. 'Free' will move through the sequences whether there are notes or not. What I am seeking is a different action on trigger, which (surprisingly!) does not yet seem to exist (all of the pieces seem to be there, so I am guessing that it is low-hanging fruit).

Bitwig feature request: the Steps modulator Trigger could be easily modified to include an additional type. Right now 'Trigger' actually combines two attributes: Trigger type (note, transport, free) and Action (increment 1 for every rate*time, reset to beginning of sequence, or random position). I would love to see an action of 'increment 1'. Eg, existing trigger options for Steps: {Free, Note, Note/Random, Transport}. This new 'trigger' could be called 'Note/Increment', with the existing 'Note' trigger renamed to 'Note/Reset'.

Additional suggestion (aka, if I were coding this): consider splitting Trigger and Action into two fields so they can be combined in more interesting ways, like 'increment random', or make the 'increment by' field be controllable by modulator input.

Example: I would like to accompany a live drum audio source (specifically, the bass drum) with a sequenced bass line. I have a very clumsy hack that demonstrates this:

  • audio input (eg mic on a bass drum)-> Replacer
  • Replacer(generator): instrument of your choice (eg polysynth)
  • instrument Note Fx: Chain
  • Chain: Note Length -> Note Pitch Shifter
  • Note Length: length = 50ms
  • Note Pitch Shifter:
  • Modulator 1: Steps. Trigger=Free. Rate=0.02hz. Loop=enabled. Outputs to Note Pitch Shifter/Coarse (+12) ("Semitones").
  • Modulator 2: Note Sidechain. A=0, D=~70%,S=0,R=0. Outputs to Note Pitch Shifter Rate (+3) (in Steps modulator). These numbers (70%, +3) may have to be tweaked; this is not a perfect solution. (We are essentially integrating the area under the decaying signal [this is why it's limited to the first 50ms], and multiplying it by 3 to reach an approximate HZ value that - when integrated over 50ms - will cause Steps to move to the next step. Yay, math!)

I have been [ab]using BWS for live music. I get the feeling as a user that this is not its priority, but would love to help it grow in that direction. (:

Cheers! Greg

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