asked Aug 24 '17 at 20:16 by OB-6 (31)


Is there a way to change sample rate on export of audio?

This would be super helpful. I've been tracking at higher sample rates since it helps lower latency, but for long takes with a number of simultaneous tracks the files get huge. Could definitely use some options other than changing the bit depth to cut the size on export to be able to more easily share stems with collaborators without having to resort to physical hard drives.


answered Mar 22 '18 at 03:34 by kautzy77 (34)

The work-a-round is to go into the preferences (cmd+, on MAC) and on Settings / Audio just swap the Sample rate to what you need then export.


answered Oct 04 '18 at 01:33 by dj_ze_migl (21)

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