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Is there a way to shift sampler pitch like 'shift pitcher' does (without changing tempo)? I've tried to solve it with 'pitch shifter':

  1. Add 'pitch shifter' effect to sampler
  2. Add 'keytrack' modulator
  3. Modulate 'pitch shifter' with 'keytrack'

It works as i want (play each note at its own pitch, i.e. i want effect to process each note separately) until i press several notes simultaneously or second note right after first one when sample from first note is still playing. In this case both notes are played at same pitch.

Is it possible?

update: seems, that it's more general question:

  1. Create polysynth
  2. Add per-voice 'keytrack' modulator
  3. Add EQ-5 effect into polysynth, so that keytrack can modulate it; and make it high-pass
  4. Adjust keytrack so that C1 will be minimum value and C3 - maximum
  5. Modulate EQ-5 so that C3 will be filtered out, and C1 won't (modulate high bound frequency)

Now if you press C3 alone - it will be filtered out, but if you press C1+C3, C3 won't be filtered, because EQ-5 modulated parameter won't be per-voice, it will be assigned averaged value.

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