asked Aug 28 '17 at 13:05 by kresbeatz (101)


Hello, I want to add the FR for Chase Midi Notes function. It's very convenient for working with long notes and loops.

Basically, it means that you can play the note not only from start, but from any position. So, imagine, that you have veeeery long note (drone, texture, etc) and now you can listen it only if it played from the start.. This completely ruins workflow and I think it's very easy to implement.

Thank you, Igor.

Unless you're talking about very monotonous sounds, I'm wondering.. since most sounds evolve over time (through envelopes, modulation, automation etc), what would you expect to hear when you start playing in the middle of some "veeeery long note", e.g. of a complex texture - its initial swelling or the "correct" sound at that playmarker in the timeline?

I mean, to get a reproduceable representation of the audio at a point in the timeline, wouldn't "Bounce in place" be the simpler/safer/more cpu-friendly option?


answered Aug 28 '17 at 17:26 by bufobufo (138)

Bounce in place is not the option. I understand what you mean, but even with evolving sounds it will help a lot. And not all sounds evolving this much. So, I think it will be relatively easy to implement as a simple check box in the settings. I have a Cubase background and found this feature super useful.

  — (Aug 28 '17 at 21:08) kresbeatz

A chase midi notes option is essential for composers. Please add.


answered Mar 11 at 18:32 by Syngularity (11)

Yes, this is needed. Modulations of native devices could also be calculated for chosen time position, so evolving stuff could work accurate too.


answered Mar 13 at 00:39 by xiso (36)

Midi Chase is is very useful to my workflow in FL Studio. I miss it a lot in Bitwig.


answered Mar 13 at 02:48 by emCar (11)

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