asked Aug 29 '17 at 08:27 by iivo (11)

When I save a new project, Bitwig automatically creates a new folder with the project name and puts the project files inside. Is it possible to save a new project to an existing directory without creating a new sub folder? F.ex. if I already have a folder called "Awesome beat 123" and I'd like to keep my project files directly under that, I currently have to do the following steps:

  1. Save a new project in Bitwig under "Awesome beat 123"
  2. Quit the project in Bitwig
  3. Move project files one directory up (x)
  4. Delete the subfolder from "Awesome beat 123" since it's no longer needed
  5. Open the project in Bitwig again

(x) Project files are now directly under "Awesome beat 123"

This works but feels like way too much work. F.ex. in Cocos Reaper when you save a new project, the dialog has an option whether you want to create a new subfolder or use the existing directory you're currently at.

See: "Save As" -dialogue in Reaper

I'm using Bitwig 2 on Mac.

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