asked Aug 29 '17 at 09:40 by CyBay (11)

I Sliced a clip with automation that I want to bounce in place the problem is I need to automation to be part of the sound.

As i know, bounce-in-place renders sound at point after device and before any effect. In this case automations, which controls device will be part of sound, and automations, which controls effects - won't.

But keep in mind, that effects in FX slot of device are part of device.

The reason is that in mixed tracks effects are applied to bounced audio too, so effects can't be part of this audio, otherwise effects will be applied twice.

You may try this:

  1. place automated effect into FX slot of device, so it will be part of device and this effect will no longer apply to bounced audios (but will be applied while bounced audio is created)
  2. use not inplace 'bounce' command, where you can customize point of bouncing

answered Sep 04 '17 at 19:26 by voidex (113)

edited Sep 05 '17 at 23:13

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