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Awesome Job!

Let me start by thanking the Bitwig team, you guys have really made something special and this release is incredible.

Modulator Synths??

The amount of flexibility with the new modulators is seemingly endless. Just look at this video which is promoted on your page: This was super cool, so I gave it a try, and well.. it works.. kinda.

There were a couple of limitations which prevented the construction of a fully functional synth using just modulators. I'll list a few of them, but please let me know if I just didn't figure out the right way to solve some of these problems:

  1. It is not possible to get multiple synth voices using the DC offset.
  2. It is not possible to link the keytrack modulator with the LFO oscillator frequency accurately enough to be usable. At least as far as I can tell. It works okay for maybe an octave or two around the root note, but error builds up the further you are away.
  3. Envelope definitions in the LFO are limited to just sawtooths, sinewaves or a linear combination of these. Thus the range of synth voices you can create in this way is inherently limited.
  4. Attaching the sine wave LFO to the DC output gives a wave form which is close, but not quite sinusoidal.. Its very close but if you look with the spectral analyzer (again awesome new tool!!!) you can see extra harmonics creeping in.

Getting so close to creating a viable synth instrument is so tantalizing.. But its not quite there.

You guys deserve a break for all your hard work, but when you start thinking about features to add in future versions, I have one idea which would solve those problems and make bitwig the ultimate sound synthesis engine!

Add an oscillator instrument primitive

This should be a regular bitwig instrument and accept midi key input and know what frequency to play as well as allow multiple voices. We could then use an instrument layer to build really complex devices using this instrument primitive.

This should also allow a waveform definition with options like sawtooth, square, and if you guys are really awesome, some of the waveforms from fm8 like formant waves.

This should also have an option to tweak its phase or frequency to allow folks to build FM synthesizers or phase modulated synthesizers. Maybe I'm wrong, but seeing the modulators work at audio frequencies leads me to believe that something like this should already be possible in bitwig's framework.

I'm sure you guys are more inventive than me on this front, so I'm sure there are aspects of this problem that I haven't though of.

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