asked Sep 05 '17 at 15:21 by djx (315)

If I open a project that contains more than one instance of fxpansion strobe 2, then all but one of them has returned to the default (init) patch. Would this be a bitwig issue or a strobe issue? Either way, I wish I could find a work around. Its a great sounding synth thats easy to program but its forcing me to constantly reload saved patches when I reopen any project I'm working on. Any ideas welcome.


I tried to test this by loading two Strobe2's into a project, and I got an even worse result, which was that it locked up the audio engine. It didn't crash the engine, it froze it up.


answered Sep 09 '17 at 20:06 by amg56 (717)

I've been in touch with fxpansion support. They are looking into the problem. Here are some images that demonstrate what I'm seeing... Top image shows 3 instances of strobe each loaded with a different preset. And then after I save, close and reopen that project I'm seeing the lower image... image?alt text If you look closely you can see that the one instance that retains its settings is actually incorrect too. The 3rd instance is now loaded with the settings from the 1st instance.


answered Sep 10 '17 at 04:28 by djx (315)

edited Sep 10 '17 at 04:41

In my case, strobe 2 is the only plugin which is very buggy. I already had two projects, which were kind of frozen (No Playback, no Sound). I had to delete strobe and save the project. After these steps it worked again for me.


answered Sep 11 '17 at 14:10 by TheOne (21)

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