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update: tl;dr "the crash is completely unrelated to Strobe and Tremor, but only caused by the Fabfilter C2 in lookahead mode"

When I reopen projects that contain an instance of fxpansion tremor there is a good chance bitwig will load with a crashed audio engine, and will sometimes freeze completely. I think this is happening whenever I add an fx chain to the track containing tremor. Typically I will add something like FabFilter Pro-L or Pro-MB or both. I've not had any conflicts like this before so I'm kind of in new territory. Does anybody have any experiences like this and any suggestions of possible workarounds? Currently I'm forced to print the drum track(s) much earlier than I would like to. I like this drum synth, but I'm starting to feel like it might be more trouble than it is worth.


This probably won't help you, but Tremor is working perfectly fine here (Win7/64, Bitwig 2.1.3 + earlier 2.x versions).

What I'm wondering is.. since plugins by default run sandboxed in Bitwig, shouldn't any crashing plugin at worst crash its little sandbox but never your audio engine or even entire Bitwig?


answered Sep 05 '17 at 20:56 by bufobufo (146)

Well it gives me hope - and that's worth something. I appreciate you letting me know. Yeah, I've been puzzled by the sandbox thing too. I've tried each of the plugin management options and I think I'm getting the best result with "each plugin" mode, but I've had the same kind of crashing with all of them at some point. I've been doing a lot of tests with different combinations of plugins, but so far its difficult to see a pattern. In another question I asked about a seperate issue with fxpansion strobe 2. And I've realized that it may be part of the problem. Last night I built a reasonably complex project with tremor and strobe along with a bunch of other synths and fx plugins and had no issues. My current theory is that things are behaving better if I load tremor and strobe before anything else - but who knows - maybe I just got lucky.

David (I tried to add this to your response as a comment - but it didnt let me)


answered Sep 06 '17 at 13:25 by djx (315)

Just a quick follow up after a few more hours experimentation, because I think I found a consistently reproducible configuration that causes the problem I described in my first post. In a simple test project I have strobe instruemnt track inside a group which has a fabFilter Pro-C2 compressor on it. I'm using one of the 8 tremor outputs to drive the Pro-C2 sidechain. All good until I enable lookahead in the compressor. If I enable lookahead and save, close and reopen the project bitwig either freezes near the end of loading plugins, or the plugin host crashes (in which case I can click reload plugins to get back to a working project). With lookahead OFF on that compressor, the project loads just fine.


answered Sep 06 '17 at 16:18 by djx (315)

Nice one, Sherlock! ;-) So does that mean the crash is completely unrelated to Strobe and Tremor, but only caused by the Fabfilter C2 in lookahead mode? You best report your findings to support so they can fix that issue.

  — (Sep 06 '17 at 16:35) bufobufo

You are right. I should set up a similar C2 config with different synths to see where the blame actually lies. I'll try that tonight.

  — (Sep 06 '17 at 23:47) djx

Yep. As bufobufo put it "the crash is completely unrelated to Strobe and Tremor, but only caused by the Fabfilter C2 in lookahead mode". I replaced Strobe with Omnisphere, and replaced Tremor with Falcon. Saved project with lookahead enabled in the C2. Opened the project. Crashes loading plugins. Apologies to fxpansion for casting any doubt their way.


answered Sep 07 '17 at 13:36 by djx (315)

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